Now the discipline of yoga

अथ योगानुशासनम्

Atha yoga-anushasanam

Patanjali is the father of Yoga, he lived between 500 and 200 bc.

He is an evolved soul incarnated for his own will to help humanity, he experienced joy and sorrow and overcame them. “Like pearls on a thread, the Yoga sutra form a precious necklace, a diadem of illuminative wisdom”

Pata= follow anjali=hands folded in prayer.

The first chapter of four is the SAMADHI PADA.

Samadhi see the soul face to face, it s absolute, indivisible state of existence, in which all differences between body, mind and soul are dissolved.

1.1 Now the discipline of Yoga

The disciplines/instructions of integration are here and given to humanity.

The word means Union, join, from the sanskrit yoke.

What does it unite?

The Universal consciousness with the individual consciousness,

Body, mind and soul,

Purusha with Prakruti,

You and the world.

You with your internal word.

Meditate upon the words now and unity.


Yoga meditation