Wild Soul



This is for all the wild spirits,

Buy the ticket and travel,
dance till the sun rise up,
make love with passion,
do stupid and crazy things,
give that kiss if you are waiting for it,
sing loud in the wall of your room or in the street,
say what your heart feel, don’t keep it for yourself,
eat that cake, you won’t became fat,

get lost every time you need,
call your beloved, it is always nice for them to hear your voice,
spend time in nature,
learn new languages and keep on studying,
read books and get lost in others stories,
share memories and magic moments,
be grateful in front of a sunset and get up early to see the sunrise
make new friends, the world is full of other free spirits like you.

Be brave to do whatever makes you feel alive.
Go for it.

The World is only waiting for you…
Live wild.

With lots of love, by a free happy soul.


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