Universe is tasting you. Don’t give up.

Universe is tasting you: don’t give up.


Universe tastes you. How badly do you want it? Do you really believe in your dream, project, idea?

Sometimes things go so smoothly and good, but you can arrive at one point when your journey starts to become complicated.
Maybe you have done an investment higher than your budget, maybe you don’t find new clients, and it seems that everything is lost.
But… is in that exact moment,  when you don’t have to give up and keep on believing in it. Even if it is hard, nothing is lost till you try. Be positive and trustful can not be easy, but it should be you anchor.
Some people, like me and maybe you, are not born with everything, maybe you don’t have parents at your back ready to support your expenses, maybe you have done everything by yourself and you have bills to pay, or some pressure on your shoulders. Or just other difficulties that normal people can have.  You can fell lost and heavy and you may consider to change your way or to do something different and easier.
But you know what? Here there is the different between you and the rest of the world.
Only if you continue to trust your capacity and your ability, you will find out how to overcome all those obstacles.

If you are on a journey and till now you have received a lot of confirmation, that it is your right way! Now does it seem to be harder? It is because the Universe wants you stronger.

Try different things, but do not give up.
Try and fall, because you will learn a lot from it, challange your endurance, and finally, you will find your way again, the street that you were supposed to take.
Universe taste you but also give you signals, phearps if the things are not working, it is because you have to understand something, you have to find your way. And only if you continue to get up full of dedication and power, one day, you will tell the story of how you got your success.
And it won’t take longer, because you are just a successful person: the Universe will protect you and it knows where you are meant to be.

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