I am a traveler soul,
from the new generation,
those without a true nationality,
the new expat generation.

If you asked us the question: “Where are you from?”, we don’t really know what to answer.
We have lived in different cities and we live in a different state or continent from that we were born or grow up in. Without a specific place in the world but, deep down, we know that we can always find it inside of us. Speaking multiple languages and we confuse them, and we often wonder if we are smart and multidioma or have we just worsened our mother tongue. We often say to ourselves: “I don’t know how to speak anymore!” or “How do you say it in my mother tongue?”
The ones who have had the courage to seek their own fortune, even alone and against everyone.

Travel is the fuel of our soul.

A generation of solitary and solo- travelers, who are not afraid to get involved, meet new people and explore new realities. We always have the suitcase ready, with not too many clothes and a lot of space to fill. We love photography and we capture moments to be able to relive them on the skin whenever we want.
“See you somewhere in the world”, is what we say, when we have to greet some new friend when we or they leave.
Connection with the other is for us very important because we understand that we can grow and learn from each other. We are able to meet at a table, in front of two beers with ten strangers and have the impression of knowing them, since lifetime.

Also through the stories of other expats, we can travel the world and whether someone lives where we live or is a passing soul, we always know that we have a new friend in some place or in any time.
So, we trust others and it takes very little to feel at home even with those who have entered our lives for a few minutes.

Every tear spent was worth it.

“Try and take some risk”, because we know that every time we don’t do something, we lose a piece of life.
The new generation have learned to cope in difficult situations.
Moving, changing, different rooms, flats, people, how to make new friend, all the bureaucratic processes using words never heard before…
We are the ones who miss marriages, birthdays and new family births, but who are always close to our loved ones and ready to live intensely every time they visit us.

Time is more important than money.

Values have changed and we rebelled against the system: we do not want the same life of everyone else, but we design our path every day, inventing and reinventing ourselves, making us move by our passions.
We value our time and are creating jobs to have precious minutes available. We work remotely, we are digital (and no-digital) nomads, we are busy with many small projects, exploiting our potential.
So we study what we like, not what is right or what our parents have decided for us, filling our days with what we are passionate about.
Our eyes have been opened to the life we ​​want and slowly we are more and more.

We want to change the world.
A different world, more authentic and supportive.
We are the happy ones, and who are not afraid to say it.
We have “a traveler soul”, and we are the new expat generation.



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