5 tips to travel ( and live) better




Travel light, with your suitcase half empty. If you are going in a place where clothes are cheap, you could with fews euros, rebuild your wardrobe. Bring with you just a couple of changes and, if necessary, take advantage of the laundry services, which in less than ten hours will have your clothes washed, perfumed and perfectly ironed!

Learn to look beautiful even without makeup: after hours of travel, the last thing you want is to find yourself with the “panda effect”. You will be rubbing your eyes a lot.

Choose humble hotels. You won’t go on the otherside of the World to stay in an hotel. Hostel are very good place, where to meet new people. And if you don’t like to share your room, there are always posibility to have a private room. You have in this way the opportunity to share the common space and have a lot of interesting talks.

Be as simple as you can and you will enjoy more of the little things.


And what can  you do with the money that you save from the fancy hotel?? Use them for a lot of activities, Go hiking, visit the places as much as you can. Learn new things, taste typical dishes, steal some recipes or some culinary ideas to bring into your home, take some courses. It will give to your travel more worth. Never regret the money spent to see something beautiful, for a trip that will give you something to tell. The world is so wonderful that it is a pity not to invest money to visit it, to observe its beauties. Experiences change you, they open your mind, they give you unique and priceless emotions.

As in every aspect of your life: all the money in the world is not even worth half an emotion.


Don’t take it as an obsession.  Once I have read the story of a girl who had already traveled all over the world at 24. And I asked myself: “And now, what does the rest of life do?”. A place is beautiful to live in, to feel yours for a while. The ideal woukd be to spend mounth of year, but if it is not possible, try to enjoy as much as you can the place you visit.

Enjoy the moement and you will live a wonderful life.


The perfect journey doesn’t exist, there are always some unexpected events that can occured. But do not be discouraged if your flight was delayed, if you lost your slippers on the beach or if, while you were wandering, it started to rain and you did not have an umbrella. All these unexpected events will be just stories to remember and tell. Traveling without plans allows you to better cope with the unexpected.

As you know, life sometime is impredictable.


Last but not least, do not to be afraid.  If you can, try not to carry “fear” in your suitcase. You can hear thrilling stories and recommendations by other people, but , but always isolate and calibrate those who tell you things. Others often put their fears on you. Leave the fears of others to themselves. I know that sometimes it is not easy to isolate ourselves from the bad news that bombard our heads, but when you feel confident, the whole journey will take the shape you want!

It is when life makes you scaried, that it is worth to live it.


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