The power of present

The power of present

life-day-seaEvery day there is a srong power to use: the present.

We have the opportunity to be the owner of our life, to decide what we want to do and what we want to think about.

There are a lot of beautiful things that we can do and the only limit that we have is the ones that we create.

One of the secret to take the power of our path is to be always fully present and breathe the air of the new day, follow our emotion and let them guide our decisions.

Every day is different, unique and it gives us a lot of  waves.

Ride them!

It’s ok to stay alone and it’s ok to be surrounded with a lot of friends.

If you need your own space, take it, if you want to share, do it.

It’s awesome that you dedicate those hours to learn some new think as you decide to chilling on the beach.

Work with passion and relax in the same way.

Fill up your time with all the experience that makes you happy.

Happiness is the way to live your life, not the final destination.

When you are fully present you’ll forget sadness, worries and all this kind of negative emotion.

Because you are here now,

you are alive,

and what do you need more?

Our mind shift continuously form past to future, but it is not always bad.

Sometimes it is also nice to think about past experience, if they  have taught something or if they give good memories. Think about the past only if it has positive effect in your present moment.

Otherwise, why do you have to struggle with?

And what about future?

Future as well can be our friends or our enemy, if it creates anxiety, why do you have to think about something that now doesn’t exist?

So use the future only to dream, even if we have to stay in the present moment, travel with the mind to our vision could direct us in the way where we are supposed to walk.

Past has gone and now you are not the same person as you won’t be who you are now in the future.

Every day you have your new life in the present moment.


And now? What are you waiting for to fill it up your day as the best life you can live?


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