9 obstacles that can stop your journey and how to overcome them

9 obstacles that can stop your journey and how to overcome them


Today I want to talk about how to overcome all those obstacles that you can find in your life. Have you ever have the sensation that you are in the right journey, you walk and walk, you fell very satisfied, you are aware of your own progress and you are feeling so good, but at a certain point you start to feel stuck with a strong sensation that you cannot go further?

And you start to ask yourself, why? What could be the cause of that?

Let’s discover them together and observe how we can overcame them, with some positive and inspirational tips.

According to Patanjali yoga sutras, there are nine obsatcles that could stop your journey: sickness, appetite, doubt, blockage, laziness, dissipation, illusion, lack of progress, inconstancy or instability.


When you are ill, you don’t have energy to live your daily routine.

When you have flue, lying on your bed,  sometimes you have the sensation that you are going to die, or that the illness could last forever. Of course, without a good health you cannot do nothing.


Prevent, have an healthy lifestyle and protect yourself from injuries or any kind of illness. Also take this time to rest, you are not machine, when  you are sick your body ( or the Universe) is trying to say you something. Maybe you have to change habits or diet in your day by day life.


When you don’t eat, you are not lucid, and you could feel angry and moody. At the same way, when you lose appetite for life, everything can be scary and with no sense.


Reconnect with your real passion, with your inner fire. Try to remeber why you start, what was your goal and you will find again the flame in your eyes. Go to eat the World!


When you don’t get results, you start to doubt about yourself and your project. You start to think that your idea is not worthy, or worst of it, that you are not worthy enough.

Any solution?

Believe in your capacity and in your path. The first person who has to believe in yourself, is you.  Go for it, try at least, you never know what is going to happen. Be brave and give yourself the opportunity that you need. Only action bring results.


Sometime we have the idea that we cannot see the results that all your effort is not working.


Again trust and believe. It is normal to not have immediately results. It is normal to find some difficulties, but if you won’t give up and you keep on trust in what you are doing, soon you will get what you deserve.


Procrastination and laziness could be very dangerous. You start to wait the perfect moment, or “I will do tomorrow”, “I start the 1st of the next month”, and this ipotetic future is everyday.


Maybe you need a little bit more of discipline and constancy. Do you need to be more organized?  Make a plan and try to respect it. Start with some little steps, dedicate to your project at least one hour a day and create an habit. Slowly you can incrise

Don’t make the laziness stronger than your behaviour,


The sense of “I” is not only an obstacle, but also one of the main cause of suffering.


Don’t take everything personally, things happen because are supposed to happen, it is not your fault, stop blame yourself, accept the things and learn from every mistake.


Illusion derived from a lot of expectation. Sometime things don’t happen when we think that are supposed to happen and it could cause a feeling of unsatisfaction.


Stay focus on the present moment, appreciate what you have done and what you are doing. Results arrive naturally. Allow life to surprise you with no expectation. Do for the seak of doing, put your hearth in all you are doing, Universe will know how to recopense you


When there is an instable situation we are afraid, scary, but everything is unstable and unpredictable.


Connect with your root, try to do a little bit of grounding, obserbe what are your fondation, and always rember that you will find all this answer inside you. You are your place in the World. If you are strong enough, it doesn’t matter what is flowing around you, because you will always ready to catch the next wave.


Sometime you have gone too far that you cannot see any other progress, but you will always grew, maybe is not that evident, but there are infinitive margen to improve yourself.


Try to do something different, study new things and keep on learning, do experience that can stimulate your mind, travel and meet new people.


Also it is important to enjoy what you have done, life is not a “obstacles course” but is a beautiful journey, to walk with the feeling to be alive, happy and free.

Now that you know how to overcome all those obstacles, don’t let nothing to stop you.





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