Let me introduce you Mr .Travel. 

The first time that we met I was only a child and he appeared in my dreams, he showed me some pictures and told me stories about the world. 

But when I woke up , I realised it was only my imagination: my childhood’s desire to explore the planet couldn’t be realized.

Every summer, my family holidayed in the same place, promising that one day we would go somewhere new. But it  never happened.

As I grew up, Mr Travel disappeared from my life and left me in a cage made of fears.

I was frightened to go anywhere alone, and  at the age of 23 I had been only in Italy and in Spain for holiday with friends.

I lived in Milan and, had worked as a real estate agent for four years.  I didn’t  feel really satisfied in that industry.  

One day Mr. Travel knocked at the door of my office and, even though I was working hard, I couldn’t help but notice.he made a lot of noise.

So I decided to listen to him, and booked a short holiday in London.

Then a week before, I changed my mind: I bought a bigger suitcase and I decide to moved there.

I was without home, without a job, but  full of hope.

London gave me a lot of opportunity, I saw my career growing very quickly.  It was a huge adventure for me that deeply changed me. 

After a year I felt that, inside me, something was still calling me.

It was Mr.Travel.

I needed a new adventure to make me feel alive: Once again  I left my job,  packed  the same big suitcase and,  without a job or house, I moved to Mallorca.

Mallorca was a right place for me: I’ve always loved sunny places, staying close to the sea and breathing the Spanish atmosphere. Also been close to my family was very important.

It’s been three years since I moved, and I want to stay. So I started to travel without changing everything, even if travel always changes me.

During this period,  I’ve  travelled solo to almost ten European capitals cities in Europe, as well as across Japan and in South East Asia (Thailand and Vietnam). I discovered how I enjoy traveling alone: I love get lost, listen the sound of my thoughts, eat and sleep when I want.  Now I feel free from my past fears, alive and happy.

Mr. Travel is the only person that I accept with me on my solo adventures. Together we made my dreams come true.


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