Moon and Mestrual cycle


“The mystery of the moon is identified with the mysteriousness of women”.

The moon is connected with the female energy: the lunar cycle lasts 29 days, as well as the menstrual / ovarian one.
If we look at the human body we know that it is made up of 70% of water and this explains the effect of the moon on it (it is known that the moon influences the tide).
Furthermore, in human beings there are energy channels, called nadis: these are about 72,000, and 3 of them are the main ones: ida, pingala and sushunda.
The nadi ida is located on the left side of the human body:mfrom the left nostril to the base of the column, and lunar energy flows through ida nadi with its refreshing, relaxing, creative qualities. It is connected to the feminine force, introverted, mental, and it’s responsible for consciousness.

Probably you have noticed that during the month your energy varies: you have moments in which you feel more active and productive, others in which you feel more introverted and introspective and still others in which you feel more creative and inspired. This could be due to either the moon phase or the ovarian phase you are in. Knowing at what moment of your cycle (lunar or menstrual) you are also allows you to use better the energy that is flowing, recognize it and give it maximum expression.

We could connect each phase of the moon to that of the cycle, to the time of day and to the seasons.


It recalls spring and morning.

In the body of women the follicles grow and one of them is selected to mature.
Just as in spring, when everything blooms, or during the morning that slowly expands, the moon and the follicles are also in the growing phase.
During this time we feel more inspired, energetic and efficient. The mind is more organized and it is a great time to give the green light to productivity and creativity, perhaps dedicating ourselves to some new project or develop some new ideas.
The air is full of opportunities and you have to be ready to catch them and to perceive this force that grows slowly in us.


It is also a period to explor, to dance, where ideas arise, ideal to plant some cosmic seeds, to ride the wave, be reborn, new ideas, try something new, explore the possibilities. A period of balance.


It recalls the summer and the afternoon.

The mature follicle bursts and releases the egg cell into the fallopian tubes.
As in summer and in the afternoon, the moon is in its most beautiful, complete and full face; the egg has been released and ready to receive.
A time to have more compassion for ourselves, to let go of what we have not been able to achieve; it is a phase in which women feel full and satisfied and find balance between the relationship with themselves and with the outside world. A great time to synchronize with our true nature and with others, a time when it is better to socialize and when you need support.


It is a yang, energetic phase, ideal for an energetic practice, to dance, to expand. There is a radiant, attractive energy. Perfect time for important meetings. A spontaneous, passionate, magnetic period, full of connections and to work hard.


It recalls autumn and evening.

In women, the corpus luteum is formed, which serves to prepare the uterus for possible conception. Just as the day pushes towards the end, as autumn brings us back a little more to ourselves, the moon is also in the waning phase. A period of transformation, of clarity, where perhaps we can stop and reflect on what we have learned, before letting go of the superfluous. A moment of selection and perfect to start taking stock.


Good moment for journaling, reflecting, practicing yin yoga, contemplating, slowing down, reflecting.


It recalls the winter and the night.

The corpus luteum disintegrates and gradually disappears, the uterine mucosa flakes due to the decrease in progesterone levels and menstruation occurs. Time to rest and conserve energy. A moment of introspection, in which to devote oneself to writing, gardening, creative and intuitive activity. Ideal to eat easily digestible foods, stay warm and sheltered. And it’s also a time to let go of stagnant emotions, to take a break and absorb and replenish the new information.
Formulate your intentions for the next cycle and prepare to start a new phase again.


Stay in the “rest & digest” phase, do yoga nidra. A phase to dedicate ourselves to letting go, to create a sacred space and time for ourselves, renewal, surronder and visulaize. A very YIN phase.

Just to conclude, the menstrual cycle does not always correspond to the phases of the moon. But now that we know how our body and our energy transforms, we can take advantage of the various moments of the cycle and the various moments of the moon phases to better understand our nature and make the most of our energies.

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Lots of love and light

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