life sea



life sea

Have you ever feel it? Life under your skin.

The sensation that you are not simply living but you are totally alive. It’s happen, when you are aligned with your mission, your vision and there is a lot of energy spread of from your heart.

And if life would be only a question of moment, would you capture it?

We use to live in the future, waiting for something, we sacrifice our time, our energy and a lot of precious moment. Maybe this concept is quite old and it is look like a TV sponsor… but LIFE IS NOW.

Today is the moment. Now you have the great opportunity to live, to enjoy every single minute.

Think that in one day you have your whole life… what would you do?

Before to go to sleep be sure that you dedicate time to yourself  but also meet some friends and talk with your family, learn new skills and give your contribution to this world, do something that you never done, exercise your body, read or write down a thought or some kind words. And think what you are grateful for, life is amazing… isn’t?

Give to your day a meaning to be able to collect lots of golden moment, filling a meaningful life.


You can feel life under your skin when you are in love with someone, with your family or friends, in love with yourself, with Nature and with everything around you. Love aliment life, and life aliment love: the more you are connect with your inner soul, the more you will feel alive and in love.

Know new people, surround yourself with amazing friends, will give you the energy that you need, you can increase your vibration and wonderful things happen. People play a very important role in your daily life.  Do you know this sensation that you heart is full? It is “PURAVIDA”.


It is also very important to learn to stay alone. To absorb what happen to you, to understand and learn better what you like and what you don’t. When you are aligned,  you can be a better person and be able to be a support for the others. The world needs the real you. So be sure you have enough time to became the more authentic version of yourself. Nobody can do this work for you. And believe me if I say that when you feel comfortable with the person you are, you will enjoy more the life.

The key is always balance: stay with you and with the others.


Travel is one of the most beautiful way to feel alive. Every time you get surprise, you do something new, you go beyond your comfort zone or overcame your fear, you will feel a lot of power inside you, an inner strength and a hurricane of emotion. You enrich your mind and your soul, every time you do something new, something bigger…And you know, Travel is a great metaphor of life.


Find your skill, your abilities, your power and give it to the world, share with the people around you. You will feel absorbed with a lot of life. Be you greatest project.

And remember to enjoy….You are not born only to pay bills and work, you are born to live, fully.

Go for it, travel, meet people, say what you have in mind, make love and give that kiss, dance, enjoy every single moment.






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