life miniature

Everyday is a life in miniature

Everyday is a life in miniaturelife miniature

How many life do we have? Every day you have a new one… but in miniature.

Let’s say that you open your eyes, you see the light after a long period of darkness, you feel a little bit astonished since you realize that you are on the planet Earth: you have born, again.

Movement are slow and soft and you take your time to do yours first steps (out of the bed)… Yes, I am not talking about the story of you when you went out from your mother’s womb, rather about when you get up.

That’s way it is so important to honour the first light of the day as your re-birth and can be very usefull meditate.

What do I really want? Which type of person I want to be? What I want to achive in my day /life?

Feel the gratitude in every cells of your body, as you have a great opportunity to be here, in the world, in your skin, in your breath, to have a brand new life in miniature.

We can associate the morning with our childhood, with the spring and summer time: eat,  read,  learn new things, talk with your family, play around, do sports.

In one year do you take holiday? So do it also in your day to day. Take sometimes for yourself and to reset your mind.

And what about work? In your lifetime a job is also something essential, but do you want to spend all your life working? So think about it and spalm your working hour also in your day, because today you are alive and have the chance to enjoy. Is it really necessary those extras?

We can associate the “job time” with adulthood, with afternoon and autumn. We are more responable and know what we have to do, but try to be productive and creative. Don’t forget to dedicate sometime every day to what is really matter, like the relationships with people who loves you, and also do contribute with a little seed to the world, be kind, do yoga, meditate or do something that is healthy for your soul.

In one day we have two things that are always certain: you get up and you go to sleep, in a lifetime as well: you born and you die, what you want to do in the middle, is up to you.

And finally, take time to slow down in the evening, in the winter season of your day, in your old age. Finally in the night, you close your eyes to rest in peace, with a smile on your face, full of gratitude for what you have created in your mini life.

Every day can be different: some opportunities arrive only once, take them. Today you have the power to create your own reality.

Remember that if you act well in this day, or life, tomorrow you will have a brand new one, where you can may enjoy a little bit more. Don’t forget to be always happy, and to create a wonderful sequence of life in miniature.


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