Everyone is looking for it, they are searching everywhere, as they do with happiness: the place in the world, where finally they can be happy. Who knows where is it?.
At least once in a while, while chatting with someone, you hear: “I’m looking for my place in the world!”

I stop to reflect and ask myself:  “What is this place, that everyone are looking for?” I thought about it a lot and came to a conclusion and figure ou that it is much closer than we can imagine, do you know?

If I tell you I know where it is, would you believe me?
The search for this magical destination begins when we embark on the most exciting and beautiful journey of our life.  A fantastic adventure called “the inner journey”.

We start, with just a bit of courage, overcoming the barriers of fears and finding ourselves face to face with ourselves. We face mountains of difficulty, dig deep into the soul and walk peacefully in the gardens of our essence, breathing fresh and new air.

Looking for “the place in the world” in a continent, in another nation or in a city is like when we think of finding happiness in objects, in a job or in people.

As long as we think that it is in something we will never find it: happiness is that component, accompany us in everyday life and is a reason to fight, only to defend it and keep it alive when it seems that it is abandoning us.
Happiness is in our heart, as is our place in the world.
Eh yes, did you notice?
I told you the secret.

When we start our inner journey, walking in the deepest part of ourself, we will realize that we have always had all the answers and we will continue to find them inside us and we undestand that to stay well, we must first of all, accept ourselves.
And now that you know where your real place is, what to do?

Take care of it.
Love your body and mind just as you would treat your home: decorate it with beautiful experiences, unique moments and stories to tell.
Build the “best school” and keep learning, expanding this place of yours and making it extraordinary.
And then get naked, get naked, just like you would do in the privacy of your living room: dance, laugh and sing. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and show others the beautiful place you live in, with pride and joy. Fell good in your skin.  Show everyone who you really are.

If you feel to be like an island, don’t be isolated, import and export everything you can, benefiting from other “places in the world”( other people, other souls) that reflect their light and willing to share other beauties with you. You will see that whoever welcomes you into his life, will let you enter in his soul just as he would open the doors of his apartment.
Start to consider yourself and the others, as lands or as houses.
We are our Happy Place.

So be your HAPPY PLACE!

And, now thatyou know, let’s make it shine, just like so many small nations collaborating to create a better place to fell safe, comfortable and joyfull, wherever and with whoever you are.


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