Happy Love


love-pure-woodHAPPY FREE LOVE

“I won’t wait for you anymore,
If are not able to let me go.”

Let’s talk about LOVE and I actually don’t know why.
But words came alone and just thinking that
it is not supposed to be possession, attachment, addiction.

In a relationship people should be able to do their things without constriction or chain.
You are not born to be tamed, you are a wild soul.
You don’t need someone who broke your wings, if you dream big .
So run wild, fly, as higher as you can and swim in the deepest Ocean without lose your breath.

And maybe ask someone “Do you want to join me in my adventure?”
You have to live your life,
in freedom,
as a fundament of your life and your relationship.

Find someone that is hungry of freedom as much as you are, to go together eating this World.

Think about your childhood and the society.
We are grow up with the idea that one day someone would came into our life to make us happy.
No babe… It is not in this way.

Love should rise from happiness, not at reverse.

You are not a slave of someonelse emotion, you are your freedom, your happiness.

Get ready for your biggest adventure, and walk alone until you meet someone who want take your hand and share this beautiful journey with you, filling up a little bit more your happiness.

But you don’t t allow your mode depends on others, smile, with someone who hold your hand, and also without.

For this reason that until you don’t reach your own happiness, work on yourself, and only when your heart is full of joy, you are able to give this pure love to others.

It will be so pure, so true, because it will be full of freedom, of happiness, of the real you, and only extraordinary thing can arise when two pure free happy soul connect.

Find this connection and the World would be yours, forever.


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