Free Happy Soul is my little big project.

In the webpage you will find articles about yoga and ayurveda, lifestyle and some lttle secrects to be happy and free. There are all my contactas and infos to start practicing yoga with me, now on the island of Majorca.
I believe that everyone deserve to be happy and free and yoga can be very helpfull in this process. Life is an amazing adventure and to enjoy it, is important to take care about your wellness and health.

I give lessons on the beach, in order to allow the connection with Nature, I organize workshops and retreats on the island, with an Ayurvedic approach.
My values are freedom and happiness, life is a game of balance with this purpose. I think that each of us is his biggest project and my goal is to connect people with their true nature, with their inner powerl. My lessons are based on flexibility, focus, strength, energy, discipline and respect for your body, mind and soul.
I love to connect with openmind people and I hope to connect soon with you.


To adapt on every situation


To reach your dreams.


To overcame all the difficulties


To create new life


For a body in armony and a good lifesyle

Take your time

To be yourself


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Wild Soul

WILD SOUL This is for all the wild spirits, Buy the ticket and travel, dance till the sun rise up, make love with passion, do

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Moon and Mestrual cycle

MOON AND MESTRUAL CYCLE. “The mystery of the moon is identified with the mysteriousness of women”. The moon is connected with the female energy: the

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life sea


FEEL THE LIFE Have you ever feel it? Life under your skin. The sensation that you are not simply living but you are totally alive.

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