connect-digital-nomadWe should do it, at least once a month, disconnect to re-connect.

In the present moment, the society asks always a lot, it push us to be fast, to be productive, to be connect.
But the more we stay connected, the more we lose the connection with the nature.
For who use to travel, is not easy to stay in a box and travel only with the speed of your internet… But fortunately I found a great community and I am glad to be part of.
It is floasis, and they gave me the opportunity to stay 4 days in a beautiful villa in the middle of nature, in a place where you can get up and listen the birds singing, the bells of the ships and breath the power of Nature.
The Villa was located in the beautiful island of Mallorca, where I actually live, but it was in the countryside. One of the amazing thing of this island is that it is not only  white beaches and crystal sea, but also rustic and wild.
(Use the code FABIOLA-FLO50 you can have a discount of 50€ on your firts booking over 400€ on the floasis web page)

We don’t need a lot to be happy, we need to listen our feeling, to connect with our true essence.

At the end, see the sunrise, read a book, work on your project and get in touch with open mind people are what more valuable exist in this World.
Have time to take care about you, your ideas, your soul need it and you will be connect with your true Essence. Give the right value to relationship with others and with yourself.
Because we are running and running but at the end the important is to find the stillness inside us.
And I realize that we are a new generation of traveler souls, we have a new way to see the world and a new way to live the life.
We bring a new energy in the society. We have realized that we don’t want to waste our time but we want to enjoy the life.
The ones who want to travel, to connect, and to disconnect to re-connect with what is really valuable.
If you are planning to escape in Mallorca and you want to practice yoga with me, or organize a retreat, you can check my retreat programm and follow me on my Instagram to know all the events coming up.

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