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You are the creator of your own reality, in every moment you can create your own life.

Today can be an amazing or an horrible day. But it is not up what happen to you, it depend on you. Do you know that almost 80% of the things depend on our prespection?

Yes there are thing that we cannot control, like the weather or how people act, but we can always decide how to react, and we can always change our point of view.

How many times you  heard “I am very unlucky”, “Every time happens to me”?  But yes buddy.. till you continue to repeat, it will be always in this way. And I don’t want to talk only about the energy, because yes, we attract what we say, but today my focus is on the prospection of life.

What it makes the different is only which glass you want to wear.

To understand better what I try to tell you, I want to share those two different stories.


It was Monday! I hate Monday. They give me the day off so I could meet my friend Tom. It was ages that I didn’t meet him. That morning I didn’t listen the alarm and I got up very late. “Tom will kill me”. So I made all in rush, I took a quick shower and a quick breakfast and I went out. When I arrive to the bus stop, the bus pass without stop. I was thinking that the day has started very badly.

I became nervous and stressful. After 20 minutes the bus arrived and it got me directly to my appointment, it was so slowly and very crowd, I put my music on trying to not think about nothing, but was so annoying.

 I met my friend with  more than one hour later. I spent time with Tom and I was complaining about the horrible morning I had. We had the lunch but the waitress made some mistake and she gave us 2 plates that we didn’t order. I was really disappointed. After the lunch I decided to walk home but it started to rain and I was totally wet.

I arrived home and I decided to spent the rest of my day on the couch scrolling the Instgram page, looking for something interesting. I saw a lot of people that were really happy. Why my day was such a bad day? I wrote in my personal profile: “Today everything happened to me. As always I am very unlucky”.


Yesterday I went home a little bit later, so this morning I couldn’t listen the alarm, maybe my body was needed a little bit more of rest. I message my friend, that I was supposed to meet him early morning, but as I couldn’t wake up I asked him if we could postpone our appointment. He said yes. I try to do as quicker as possible to arrive at a good time but I also tell him that I will let him know when I get the bus. I was in the point to take it, when it pass in front of me, without stop, I tried to run but I couldn’t take it.

There was a nice old women that smiled me, I smiled her too and we start to talk a little bit. After a nice talk I road some page of my new book, It was  useful to have this time: I finally found an occasion to start to read that book. The ride of the bus was funny, there were an actor that start to act some play role.

My friend was a little bit upset but I told him a lot of funny stories about what happen to me on the bus and he start to laugh. We order some food and the witress bring us something different: we tryied and I was surprise. Totally fall in love with the dish, for the mistake they also make a discount, but I think that next time I will order that dish that accidentally fall in my mouth.

On the way back, it start to rain, but I always have an umbrella in my bag. I went home and I wrote in my Facebook wall: “What a wonderful day. Life is beautiful ”

So what is the point of this? Two different reality? Two different life? No… The day was the same, lived by the same person.


  1. You can notice, that there are part of your life that may could not depend on you, in this case you should accept them and maybe find the positive side, or learn from it, or simply watch with different eyes. You cannot change that you didn’t listen the alarm or that you lost the bus for example, but you take advantage from every situation and find a reason.
  2. If we smile, everyone around us is smiling. Happiness can be contagious. Use it carefully.
  3. Sometimes we cannot change thing, and we create more problem that there are. I can text to my friend and say that “I am in late”, it doesn’t matter, maybe for him is also better. But why should I create a problem? I don’t know what is in my friend mind, so always try.
  4. Life is so unpredictable and if we welcome the things around us, something special can happen. If I am angry and I concentrate on the problem, maybe I also couldn’t notice what is happen around me. As in the second example I could notice the actors on the bus and I had those funny stories to tell
  5. Be flexible, life is not a plot, and if something is different on what I have in mind, live it. In that plate that was not belong to me, I may find my new favourite dish.
  6. if you have a bad though is better that you not share with the world. I think that words can help a lot people and they can recognize in that. Why do you have to share that the “life is a shit”, only because you have a “bad-day”? or better… only when you have a day that for you was bad??  Our voice is important and we should use it as better as we can.
  7.  We cannot control the weather, but we can always be ready, so be sure that you bring always with you an umbrella, just in case.

You are the creator of your story, of your reality… and of course, of your wonderful life.

How you want to see it?




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