Be your biggest project



Immagine the scene: I met a new friend and we start to talk about project. He asks me:
“What do you want to be in the future?”
And I answer: “what I’m doing now”
“Oh, nice and what do you do?”
“I live my life”
He laughs and say: “Yes, but what are your plans? What is your biggest project? “

Everything is constantly changing and there are no certainties around us: we are swimming in a sea of events that continue to flow and change.
Even our thoughts are never the same and are, constantly, evolving: often what we thought yesterday no  reflects our thoughts of today.
So how do we know what we want to do when we grow up if we don’t even know when we will really be “grown up”?
People like me know what I mean, we don’t stop growing and there is no a moment when you can say: “Oh, I’ve finally arrived!”
So, what can we do then? The answer is to take care of living our life, not obsessing over a future that does not exist, but rather focusing on the life we ​​want to live, now.
NOW, today, in this exact moment not when we grow up. What do I want now? What I am doing? Which kind of person am I?

Let’s define ourselves with our passions, not with a particular job.

Many times they ask me: “What are you doing? What do you do?”
I answer with a “thousand and one” things that I like to do in my life and my free time, because that’s what defines who I am.
And if we manage to transform our interests into work, then it is absolutely amazing: let passion drives us, rather than the “God Money”.

By dedicating ourselves to what we like to do, without the sole purpose of necessarily enriching ourselves, our work will thus be more authentic and done with the heart.  And don’t worry because you will receive what you deserve.

I am a dreamer, who believes in the magic of dreams and I have noticed and had proof myself several times that, when we move in the direction of our desires then these, somehow, come true.

So continue to paint the life of your dreams meanwhile you live it in the present moment.

Your dream life should be your daily life, not your imagination.
Let’s focus on ourself, because our “I” is the only one that will always have to live with us and live authentically.
If we started thinking more about ourselves, rather than what others are doing, we would simply become the best version of ourselves.

Everyone has their own path: it doesn’t matter if someone has achieved certain things before or after us, we don’t know all the steps they had to take, the difficulties they encountered or the opportunities they might have been good at seizing.

Let’s stop creating competition just to grow our ego, sometimes if instead of competing we collaborated we would create many beautiful things.

Imagine if we put all our potential into what we do and it adds up to all of someone else’s potential; I dare not imagine what a marvel would be generate.
If we really want to observe someone else’s path, then let them draw an example and enrich our own.
Remember that by making our great project unique and authentic, we can inspire someone to their achievements.
Believe in yourselves, because this will give you the energy to be able to get where you want and, if sometimes you feel lost, think about all the times you have won your battles and smile.

Be happy and be sure that happiness and freedom are always present in whatever you do.

Work on you, on your dreams and, above all:

“Be your biggest project.”


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