be-yoruself-girlOne of the most beautiful concepts that I’ve learned through my yoga journey is to be myself.
I know that maybe someone could think that is easy, but it is not.
If you ask yourself: “Who am I?” I’m almost sure that you will have no a clear answer.
In the modern time we are force to look like someone else: society and publicly send messages that push us to be like the Star on magazine and on Tv. They create a fake perfection: a lot of imagines of people that are not as they really are.

The secret? Switch off  TV and, as much as you can, also your social media ( use them only to connect with positive people more than see someone else life).
Connect more with your inner soul and with what surround you.
When you start to love yourself, your body and your mind you get start to look healthier more than skinny and made of plastic.
And remember that as long as you don’t accept your body as it is you will never be free: everyone has his/her flaws and imperfection. It is ok that you want to improve, but accept it  little by little.
Trough yoga this process is possible and easier.

You will be the best version of yourself: accepting the improvement, without force or constrictions. A life in balance between became better and accept who you are.
Stop see how others look like and show up to the world who you really are.
Trough yoga, we can create a better world, with no competition: we are all different, start to look other people to get inspired but stay real.

What a boring world would be if we are all the same?

We are beautiful in our diversity.

Support the diversity, support people who inspire you.
Leave away any kind of jealousy, someone else life is not yours. Trust in your journey, because you never know what it is behind someone else’s success or what deserve the future for this people ( and neither for your)
We can learn from each other and we don’t have to go against others to feel better. Make friends more that competitor, start to work to some project together.
Real people attract real people.
In an utopian world everybody is himself or herself and we can all offer our gift to each other.
But maybe it is also not that impossible, I really believe that we can create a better world.

A society where we can be free to be ourselves, living a happy life full of gratitude, hope, faith and also love and magic.
And we have a very powerful key that can open the door to this better world.
And do you know what this key is? It is simple: it is YOGA


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