If you move your body, you are doing exercise, if you inhale and exhale, you are breathing. If you combine movement and breath, you are doing yoga.


” yoga chitta vritti nirodha” yoga is the cessation of the fluctuation of the consciousness


The ancient science of life, directly from India. DISCOVER YOUR DOSHA AND BE IN TUNE WITH YOUR REAL NATURE.

Start your journey with me.

Yoga Vinyasa flow
Yin yoga sunset

Special yoga session in the beautiful Mallorca.

Private session

A specific and personalize class adapted to your needs. Contact me for a private consultation.


Join me every Saturday mornig from 9.15 am at port calanova, and enjoy a delicious brunch after the yoga session.

Why Should I start yoga?

Connect with who you really are and go straight to the center of your innerself. Remember, all the answers are within you.


“I’ve joined many of Fabis yoga classes and all of them were amazing! I always left the classes with a calm mind, an open heart and a big smile on my face. Will definitely come again. “
“I absolutely olutely LOVE Faby’s classes. She always adapts to who’s in class and ensures people feel comfortable. For a busy mind, I struggle to enjoy calm yoga classes, but the combination of Faby’s calm approach, skills and the space she creates in nature is perfect. I always feel restored and relaxed after, and inspired by her passion.I always recommend my fave yoga teacher!
“I love Fabi’s yoga classes. They are varied and simply great. Pure relaxation! Thanks to her worldwide yoga experience, she makes every class a special experience. “

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